Weekly Theme Approach Challenge Reading For Dec. 12-18, 2021

Spread: Theme, Approach, Challenge Reading

Date: Dec 12, 2021

Just in case you’ve never seen one of these Readings before, I’ll explain how it works.

The Theme of The Week is overall subject or concerns that will be happening during the week.

The Approach To The Week is about what attitude and or feelings to try and use regarding the issues. Of which can also include some actions.

The Challenges of The Week card seems obvious, however, these are rarely easy to accomplish.

Then there’s my guidance about How The Cards Come Together and advice about what you can do to help yourself through the week.

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Theme Of The Week

IV • The Emperor – Tarot Royale – Ciro Marchetti

IV • The Emperor

Key words: Structure, Authority, Paternal, Leadership, Stability, Dominion, Power

The emperor appears when we have a need to assume a role of leadership, or it may represent a leader who has come into our lives. You may have a need to identify with a powerful group—religious, ideological, intellectual, economic, or political—and to be one of them. Or you may be associating with someone else who has this need. It may be a time to stabilize a situation or time to focus on worldly achievements.

The Emperor can also represent a father figure and may indicate a father relationship in our lives.

Approach To The Week

Knight of Wands – Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti

Knight Of Wands

Key words: Impetuous, Charming, Impulsive, Energetic

Court cards can represent actual people in our lives or an expression of the energy of that suit. Knights signify periods of transition; the knight of wands represents the spirit of adventure and innovation as well as a possible personal spiritual quest.

The Knight of Wands can also bring good news concerning work or social activities. His glad tidings may relate to almost any anticipated happy event—a journey or vacation, a change of residence or job, an engagement or marriage.

Challenge For The Week

Two of Swords – Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti

II • Swords

Key words: Indecision, Blocking, Blind to the Truth, Seeking Balance

With her eyes covered, this woman may feel that there is not enough information to make a decision.

This card indicates that you are stuck for some reason. You may be maintaining the situation by putting up a facade and ignoring the underlying tension that exists.

How The Cards Come Together

Image from Christine’s Instagram post

Christine’s Guidance

Our theme this week is telling us that we will have some issues with authority. Our lives will revolve around work (company), government or father-figure (major family) matters.

In our approach to the week we are reminded to remain our charming selves and have an adventurous spirit when dealing with the authority figures…

Keep the ideas flowing and inspire yourself to take a chance. Think about changing your job, starting a project or opening up to a new spiritual adventure.

The challenge being that this is an uncomfortable position to be in, but you aren’t ready to do anything about it yet.

First you must face the truth. It is time to create balance in your life. Face reality and make the tough decisions. If you’re able to do this, good news is coming your way!

Deck: Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti

By Christine Marie

My abilities go to early childhood. I discovered and embraced them at the early age of 4, and have been doing Readings since 2006. Check out my reviews page to see what people are saying about me. Throughout time I’ve honed and mastered many metaphysical practices, and offer Psychic Mediumship Reading using my uniquely strong Empathic Clairsentience Abilities, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, as well as, using a skill called Psychometry (reading of pictures and objects). I provide life, medical and animal Readings to my clients in person and virtual methods internationally. I’m also a Mentor to those wishing to learn how to use their own intuitive abilities.

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