Weekly TAC Reading For Jan. 16-22, 2022

Weekly Theme Approach Challenge Reading Jan 16-22-2022. Image made by Christine Marie using Canva - Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti
Weekly Theme Approach Challenge Reading Jan 16-22-2022. Image made by Christine Marie using Canva - Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti
Weekly Theme, Approach, Challenge Reading Image made by Christine Marie using Canva – Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

How My Readings Work

In case you’ve never seen one of my Weekly Theme, Approach, Challenge and Guidance Tarot or Oracle Readings before, I’ll explain how it works. Incidentally, you can click these links to take you to the different sections.

The Theme of The Week is overall subject or concerns that will be happening during the week. The Approach To The Week is about what attitude, feelings or actions to try and use regarding the issues. The Challenges of The Week card seems obvious, however, these aren’t always easily accomplished. Lastly, Christine’s Guidance is about How The Cards Come Together, which includes some advice about what you can do to help yourself through the week.

It’s important to me that you know that: 

  • I do these Readings with the utmost care.
  • I have never engineered the choosing of these cards.
  • The fact that the cards coincide on a regular basis is absolutely genuine.
  • The cards have always been chosen with me asking: “Please show me which card to choose for our Weekly _____. Please help me to choose one for whatever the readers of the post need to know or need help with”.
  • I read the cards separately and together.
  • The cards are chosen with pure intent for each particular ‘position’ (Weekly Theme, Weekly Approach and Weekly Challenge).
  • Christine’s Guidance is written psychically (by the receiving and translation of information from my Guides).

If you would like to watch the full mobile video of this reading – click here

Weekly Theme 

XIV Temperance – Tarot Of Dreams – Ciro Marchetti

XIV • Temperance


Temperance is about moderation in all things. You are being cautioned to have patience, which may be difficult. However, the person receiving Temperance in a reading is not able to hurry matters along.

The only course is to sit and wait for things to develop in their own time. The trick is to make the waiting constructive. 

Learning to do nothing mindfully is a milestone on the spiritual path – there are times when nothing can be done, and nothing needs to be done.

Weekly Approach

Queen Of Swords – Tarot Of Dreams – Ciro Marchetti

Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords represents the intuitive and creative side of mental processes. She is a formidable figure with power and authority, either in the mental world or in the spiritual realm.

The Queen of Swords indicates someone who has endured emotional loss and separation, perhaps as a result of a job loss, divorce or death. She reminds us that we do have the ability to cope with loss and go on with life.

Weekly Challenge

Eight [8] Of Coins – Tarot Of Dreams – Ciro Marchetti

VIII • Coins (Pentacles)


The Eight of Pentacles is a card of craftsmanship and conscientious work. It suggests developing and applying your skills in a productive manner. You know what you want and how to go about achieving it. Be sincere and persevere, and your efforts will succeed. 

A business or project will prosper as a result of refining your craft or improving your processes. A new venture augurs success because you are training yourself intensively with a clear goal in mind.

How The Cards Come Together

Weekly Theme Approach Challenge Reading Image made using Canva – Tarot Of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

Christine’s Guidance


Try to have patience. Things will happen in their own good timing.

This reading focuses on using your intuition, willpower and emotional steadiness regarding your home life, career and finances. 

The universe knows that you have suffered lately but suggests you use your intuition when deciding whether something adheres to or measures up to your original plan. If you feel like your personal life, career or finances don’t make the grade, don’t be afraid to change it. People may call you picky, but you’ll be remaining true to your ideals.

Instead of dwelling on the circumstances, try doing something to change them. Perhaps transition old skills into a new form or add new skills. You’ve tried various means of making your living, and you are now finalizing how you want to use your personal resources to fulfill your needs and expand. Your sureness of purpose guarantees success. Your changes will be rewarded by increased income, opportunity, and respect.

Mobile Size Video of Weekly Theme, Weekly Approach, Weekly Challenge Reading Jan. 16-22, 2022

Mobile Video of TAC Reading Jan 16-22, 2022

Deck: Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti, www.foolsdog.com/Dreams

By Christine Marie

My abilities go to early childhood. I discovered and embraced them at the early age of 4, and have been doing Readings since 2006. Check out my reviews page to see what people are saying about me. Throughout time I’ve honed and mastered many metaphysical practices, and offer Psychic Mediumship Reading using my uniquely strong Empathic Clairsentience Abilities, Claircognizance, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, as well as, using a skill called Psychometry (reading of pictures and objects). I provide life, medical and animal Readings to my clients in person and virtual methods internationally. I’m also a Mentor to those wishing to learn how to use their own intuitive abilities.

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