Weekly TAC Tarot Reading March 27-April 2, 2022

THIS WEEK’S TAROT READING SPREAD: Weekly Theme • Weekly Approach • Weekly Challenge • Christine’s Intuitive Guidance For The Week

Date: Mar 27, 2022

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If you’ve never seen one of my Weekly Theme, Approach, Challenge and Guidance Tarot Readings before, I explain how it works here. (You can click the blue links which will take you to each section.)

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III (3) The Empress • Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

III (3) • The Empress (Reversed)

It’s time to nurture yourself. You may have been spending too much time caring for others (or you may have recently had a child whose demands have worn you out). You need to take time out for yourself instead of neglecting your own needs. This is a call for self-love, balance, and the awareness that you deserve the same care and attention you give to your loved ones.

This can also represent the longing for pregnancy, and it may feel like it will never happen. Rest assured that if you let go of your expectations and trust in Divine Timing, your body will release the tension and you’ll become pregnant sooner rather than later.


Knight Of Swords • Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

KN • Knight Of Swords (Upright)

As a messenger, the Knight of Swords may bring bad news that relates to you personally or to someone close to you. Some kind of conflict is at hand, usually of a mental nature. There could be substantial differences of opinion around you, with angry messages being sent and received. If this Knight is not a person, you may be so focused on your intellectual pursuits that you are neglecting other facets of your life. You may be expressing your ideas too forcefully and antagonizing the opposition. Diplomacy may be called for.


Six Of Coins • Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

X (10) • Ten of wands (Upright)

Charity. Sharing. Establishing balance.

Good things are coming to you and going out from you, in material terms. You are experiencing abundance, prosperity, and personal fulfillment. You may be in a position to support a good cause, perhaps by contributing financially or volunteering your time or expertise. This card can also represent philanthropic projects or providing work for other people.

Because Sixes represent give and take, this card can also indicate a business partnership or shared financial responsibility.


HOW THE CARDS COME TOGETHER • The Empress • Knight Of Swords • Six Of Coins • Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Christine’s Guidance

The Empress refers to a person’s emotional and physical resources – for nurturing, healing, feeding, and supporting other people. There may be a situation in the your life where self love and nurturing are required. This can be related to needing a “Spa Day” or perhaps creating personal boundaries with others.

Be wary of an unequal relationship in which one person gives and the other only takes.

You are a loving, generous, caring soul, focused on supporting others. Remember that if you are not feeling whole, you won’t be able to make others feel this way either. Try thinking “outside the box.” Your focus of attention (on self-nurturing) must narrow this week until it becomes your entire world.

You may also be required to find a lifestyle that will create a sense of security for you so that you can find peace of mind. The Knight Of Swords encourages you to go make your plans!

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DECK: Tarot of Dreams created by Ciro Marchetti www.foolsdog.com/Dreams

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How This Tarot Spread Works. In this week's tarot reading. Weekly TAC tarot reading. Intuitive Guidance For The Week.


If you’ve never seen one of my Weekly TAC Tarot Readings before, I’ll explain how it works. The blue links will take you to each section.

  1. Firstly, the Theme of The Week is overall subject or concerns that will be happening during the week.
  2. Secondly, the Approach To The Week is about what attitude, feelings or actions to try and use regarding the issues.
  3. Thirdly, the Challenges of The Week card seems obvious, however, these aren’t always easily accomplished.
  4. Lastly, Christine’s Guidance is about How The Cards Come Together, which includes some advice about what you can do to help yourself through the week.

It’s important to me that you know that:

  • I do these Readings with the utmost care.
  • I have never engineered the choosing of these cards.
  • The fact that the cards coincide on a regular basis is absolutely genuine.
  • These cards are always chosen with me asking: “Please show me which card to choose for our Weekly _____. Please help me to choose one for whatever the readers of the post need to know or need help with”.
  • I read the cards separately and together.
  • The cards are chosen with pure intent for each particular ‘position’ (Weekly Theme, Weekly Approach and Weekly Challenge).
  • Christine’s Guidance is written psychically (by the receiving and translation of information from my Guides).

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