Weekly TAC Tarot Reading Apr. 17, 2022

In this week’s tarot reading:

In this week’s Tarot Reading, a certain chapter of your life, such as formal education, career placement, or a relationship, is coming to an end. Change is difficult. You’ll need your strength to see it through.

Tarot Deck: Tarot Grand Luxe

Date: Apr 17, 2022

TAC Tarot Reading Apr 17-2022

THIS WEEK’S TAROT READING SPREAD: Weekly Theme • Weekly Approach • Weekly Challenge • Christine’s Intuitive Guidance For The Week


XIII (13) • Death (Reversed) • Tarot Grand Luxe by Ciro Marchetti
XIII (13) • Death (upright) • Tarot Grand Luxe by Ciro Marchetti

XIII (13) • Death Card (Reversed)

The Death card suggests that you are putting off making necessary changes, usually out of fear. You’ve been craving success in your endeavors, however, you most likely feel that others are standing in your way.

Get ready, you may not like to hear this, but you’re really blocking yourself. You’re stuck in old habit patterns that you know need to be changed, but you don’t want to put forth the effort to alter them even though you are unhappy with the current situation.

You may be depressed or in a state of apathy. Which, in the end is the result of refusing to accept the necessary process of psychological death, which leads to rebirth. The way out is to face up to your stagnation, frustration, and unhappiness. Jettison any relationships that aren’t working. Throw out the old and ring in the new.


KN • Knight Of Swords • Tarot Grand Luxe by Ciro Marchetti

KN • Knight Of Swords (Upright)

Perhaps you know a dashing young person bursting with strength and energy. He is trustworthy, but can be insensitive. Eventually he will learn that a domineering attitude often annoys people. He means well, tries hard, and has a brave heart.

As a messenger, the Knight of Swords may bring bad news that relates to you personally or to someone close to you. Some kind of conflict is at hand, usually of a mental nature. There could be substantial differences of opinion around you, with angry messages being sent and received.

In this week’s tarot reading, this Knight suggests that you may be so focused on your intellectual pursuits that you are neglecting other facets of your life.

You may be expressing your ideas too forcefully and antagonizing the opposition. Diplomacy may be called for.


X (10) • Ten Of Wands • Tarot Grand Luxe by Ciro Marchetti

X (10) • Ten of wands (Upright)

Your labor may have gone for naught, or you may be carrying burdens that really don’t belong to you. You feel weary, as if the whole world is on your shoulders.

It’s up to you to decide whether to continue carrying the heavy responsibilities you have undertaken or if other people are shirking their part and should help out.

Sometimes one member of a family or organization gets all the dirty work for the simple reason that they are willing to do it. Make sure others are doing their fair share. Ask for help if you need it; don’t let pride stand in your way.


HTCCT TAC APRIL 17-2022 • XIII (13) Death (Reversed) • Knight Of Swords • X (10) Ten Of Wands • Tarot Grand Luxe by Ciro Marchetti

Christine’s Intuitive Guidance For the week

In this week’s tarot reading, what is interesting, is that on a societal level, the Death card reversed can foretell abrupt political change, even revolution, or natural disaster. Remind you of anything?

Certain chapters of your life are coming to an end. Change can be difficult, but you must push yourself through it. Weathering a time of despair or depression, and the inertia is strenuous.

  • Are you deliberately limiting yourself by carrying too heavy a load?
  • Could you be stretching yourself too thin in regards to work and home life?

Remember that if you don’t take care of yourself first, you won’t be able to help others meaningfully.

  • Recognize that it is not your responsibility to help fix everyone else’s problems.

In the intuitive guidance for the week, our Guides mention that focusing on others, takes you away (emotionally) from your own life’s issues. These issues will still be there staring you when you turn your focus inward again. There’s no time like the present to start facing them!

  • Beware of becoming a martyr, especially to the needs of others.

Wise people attend to their own needs first, and share their burdens. Heavy loads carried for too long crush the soul and constrict the future.

  • Allow yourself to grieve, whatever the situation that you’re going through.

Yes, we grieve during change. We will often long for our old ways during our transformation adjustments.

  • During this terrible time of transition, treat yourself well. Drink enough water, get the right amount of sleep.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to process your emotions, hold your head high, and choose to put one foot in front of the other each and every day. You can do this!

Try to approach this week with as much diplomacy as possible. This difficult time will pass.

You will get through this arduous time in your life!


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In this week’s tarot reading, the Tarot Deck that I’ve used is: Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti, www.foolsdog.com/Dreams


If you’ve never seen one of my Weekly TAC Tarot Readings before, I’ll explain how it works. The blue links will take you to each section.

  1. Firstly, the Theme of The Week is overall subject or concerns that will be happening during the week.
  2. Secondly, the Approach To The Week is about what attitude, feelings or actions to try and use regarding the issues.
  3. Thirdly, the Challenges of The Week card seems obvious, however, these aren’t always easily accomplished.
  4. Lastly, Christine’s Guidance is about How The Cards Come Together, which includes some advice about what you can do to help yourself through the week.

It’s important to me that you know that:

  • I do these Readings with the utmost care.
  • I have never engineered the choosing of these cards.
  • The fact that the cards coincide on a regular basis is absolutely genuine.
  • These cards are always chosen with me asking: “Please show me which card to choose for our Weekly _____. Please help me to choose one for whatever the readers of the post need to know or need help with”.
  • I read the cards separately and together.
  • The cards are chosen with pure intent for each particular ‘position’ (Weekly Theme, Weekly Approach and Weekly Challenge).
  • Christine’s Guidance is written psychically (by the receiving and translation of information from my Guides).
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