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Hello! I am Christine Marie, a Psychic Medium living near Vancouver, British Columbia, and this is my back story FAQ journey.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! I’m Christine Marie, a Psychic Medium living in Langley, British Columbia, and this is my back story. I have always been happy answering the many questions about my history over the years. I am a private person, however, the abilities that I have and what I do for a living is meant to be public. Therefore, I have done my best to publicly answer the most frequently asked questions about my metaphysical journey.

Christine Marie

Hello! I am Christine Marie, a Psychic Medium living near Vancouver, British Columbia, and this is my back story FAQ journey. When I am not doing Readings, you will find me learning something new.

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How Long Have You Been Psychic? My Back Story

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I Have Been Psychic Since I Was A Small Child

I was 3, 4 and 5 when I remember having my earliest experiences being psychic and a medium. At that age I could see spirit better than I do now. It scared me quite a bit, especially with no one to talk to about it, which is why I now do my very best to help children when they are experiencing the same. If you know someone or someone’s child that is experiencing psychic phenomena and believe that they may need help, please send them my way.

Do You Remember How It All Started? My Back Story.

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My back story started out with little things like knowing who was on the telephone the moment it rang. Or knowing what was in all of my Christmas and Birthday gifts before I opened them, which both infuriated and astounded my mother.


As I grew up My metaphysical journey Evolved: My Back Story

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While driving, I would ‘know’ that a light would turn yellow or red before it did so, or that there was construction on a certain route I was going to take, then shown which way to go instantaneously.

Other things started as well, such as being busy around the house while raising my family and suddenly feeling a magnetized ‘pull’ to the front door and Clair-audiently “hearing” the doorbell.

I’d stop what I was doing, go to the door and open it, only to find that someone was just walking up the driveway. No one had actually reached the door… no one had rung the bell yet.


Little Things Progressed To Bigger Things – My Back Story

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When I was 30, we lived in a small town, more than an hour away from a city. My husband and I would have to travel 1.5 hours on the highway to reach it. We had two vehicles and the vehicle we drove varied on the season’s driving conditions.

On one particular winter day in November, we agreed to drive to the city to do some birthday and grocery shopping, but my husband had stated that he wanted to take the small truck instead of the large SUV.

I immediately ‘saw’ a video in my mind’s eye about the truck breaking down on the highway. I begged and pleaded with my husband to take the other vehicle. He said “No, it’s cheaper to take the truck. It’s better for the winter roads and great for larger cargo.”

I left him alone for a bit but the ‘video’ of the truck breaking down kept playing over and over in my mind’s eye. I panicked and asked him to please reconsider. I told him that I had a really bad feeling, and I was afraid that the truck was going to break down while driving on the highway.

My husband looked at me like I was crazy at first but soon he assured me that a breakdown won’t happen. The truck is well taken care of, up to date on maintenance, it would all be fine. I without any sort of proof, relented and followed my husband’s lead.

We took off to the city

We didn’t have any issues while driving to the city, thank goodness. We did our big shop, and headed back home. We drove for about an hour, and the tension in my body kept rising.

Unfortunately for us, the truck was not “fine”! With 20 minutes left on our drive home, my ‘bad feelings’ were validated. For some unknown reason the truck engine just stopped working. The whole vehicle turned off and we coasted onto the shoulder of the highway.

As we got on to the side of the road, I looked at my husband with the “oh my gosh!” look on my face, to which my husband said…

“Chris, don’t say it! Don’t say anything”, shaking his head, he paused for a moment but finally turned, looked at me and asked “How the heck did you know that? How did you know that was going to happen?!”

We called a friend of ours for help, so we were fine, but of course, the truck ended up broken down on the side of the highway, having to be towed.

If we had only just listened to the psychic advice, right?! How did I know this?  I, myself, didn’t understand it. This was a year or so before I went through what is referred to as a “Psychic Awakening”.

In the end, it was one of the biggest validations to steer me in the direction of metaphysical studies.


During my journey, I saw many things that other people did not

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As a child, I would think about something for days before going to ask a question of an adult. I decided that I would not talk about this particular situation to anyone. I will certainly not be saying anything about the nice young couple that floats in our living room during the middle of the night, apparently arguing about how to pack up their house to move…

“Pack this” the man says, handing her a huge picture which she refuses to take and then says “that won’t fit! Look at the size of this box!”

This is when they notice me and beg for my help… Incidentally, I’m all of four years old… what can I do to help them?

No, I will mention nothing. As a small child I was afraid that I’d be deemed crazy, accused of lying, in general, that my parents wouldn’t believe me. I kept these and many other experiences to myself.

I desperately wanted to talk about this with someone… anyone who could help me make sense of it all.

How did I know the things that I knew?

For example, knowing who was calling when the phone rang and being extremely accurate. Or, being lost outside somewhere, but not really lost because I only had to allow myself to be guided by a magnetic ‘pull’ to my doorstep. I’ve found many objects over the years using that skill.

How did I receive all the videos and pictures of real life situations that would come into being? What allowed me to hear other people’s thoughts in my head only to have them said out loud by the person thinking them immediately afterward?

Envision being a teenager, hanging out with a new group of what you ‘think’ are friends and then, Clairsentiently feeling and Clairaudiently hearing the true feelings and thoughts of those people? If the information is positive, it’s wonderful. If the information is negative, it’s excruciating. Learning that your friends do not actually like you, or that you’re being used…. this is the worst kind of cruelty for a teen of any age. I had no way to prove these things, so I had no choice but to wait for the truth to come out. And trust me, it did.

Having the ‘gift’ of Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance when you’re young is difficult at times because you can get hurt emotionally. A thick skin is imperative, but slowly attuned. Learning to turn the ‘abilities’ off temporarily is advantageous.


How Did You Become This Strong in Your Abilities? My Journey

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Where my skill level is at took years of study and practice. Yet I still study. I will always be a student in this universe. Honestly, I have taken a large number of online classes, studied psychic development programs from various celebrity psychic mediums, listened to lectures, interacted with other mediums, and I practiced for hundreds of hours doing volunteer readings over six years time. All before the validation came through to guide me to work with the public.

The research and study never ends. I still do my fair share of online study and reading new books on the market. Hearing a quote near the beginning of my career about metaphysical studies, “Professional Psychics and Mediums are students of this universe. Always the student, never the teacher”, in my belief, affected me positively. I have taken that quote into my soul and processed it in a bit of the literal sense, in hopes of bettering myself. I don’t believe that any of us will have the full understanding of this work until we are on the “Other Side”. The seriousness of our work bares an immense amount of responsibility. We owe it to ourselves and our clients to continually research and study the subject.


How Did You Know That You Were a Medium and Could Communicate with The “Other Side”? My Back Story

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There was one experience that was angelic and amazing. This particular incident filled me with peace, however it also made me question everything I thought I knew about death. Even at a young age.

I was 6 or 7 years old

My parents had brought my siblings and I over to my Great Uncle’s place to comfort my father’s Aunt.

As the five of us walked into the apartment I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of grief wash over me heavily. I could  already ‘feel’ death at this age, although I did not know it at the time. However, as I would eventually learn, I was extremely Empathic. I could feel someone’s emotions and hear their thoughts when I got close to them, which would become very confusing in a group setting.

My family walked away from the front hall and into the living areas ahead of me. I stood frozen by the bedroom doorway just to the left of the front hall. I was watching my great uncle. He was sleeping in his bed flat on his back, covered in blankets, resting comfortably. He started to stir and awoke unexpectedly. He lifted his head and smiled wide at me. I heard a loving “hello sweetheart”. “Hi” I replied. I could sense that he was very happy. I smiled and waved animatedly back at him. After which, he went back to his peaceful sleep. He did not look sick to me, I noted.

Physically, I felt an overwhelming magnetism that kept me rooted to place. I could not look away from my great-uncle and I watched him sleep for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly, his body starting floating upwards.

He didn’t wake up or react in any way. He moved off of the bed and toward the ceiling… But he was floating horizontally – level, as if he was still laying on the bed, and he was still covered with blankets. He moved at a very slow rise.

Just before he floated through the ceiling he looked down at me. Animatedly, he smiled and waved again, looking so excited, so truly happy! I was smiling and waving back to him but then he floated out of sight. He was gone.

After looking at the empty bed again, the blankets gone, I left the bedroom to find my Mom. I approached her cautiously and quietly, determined to have her attention. She needed to know that Uncle said goodbye to me and left us to go to Heaven. I whispered in her ear,

“Uncle just went to Heaven”.

My mom answered me after a quick moment of trying to capture her composure with tears in her eyes, “Ah, Sweetheart, yes, he’s going to go to heaven soon”.

I responded a little more stubbornly, “NO! I just watched him go to Heaven!”

“No you didn’t, dear” my mother said.

I remember thinking, ‘How do you know what I saw? I’M THE ONE WHO SAW IT!’

“Mommy! Come with me, come see. I will show you where he was laying! The blankets are gone. I will show you where he floated up through the ceiling!”

“Oh Sweetheart!”, my mother continued, “No, he’s not laying there. He’s very sick and in the hospital.”

It took a few tries but eventually, having to prove to me that my great-uncle was not in the bed, she walked me back to the bedroom doorway. At his bedroom door, where I had just watched my uncle float up through the ceiling, my mother showed me that he indeed had not been laying in that bed. The blankets were still on it. It was perfectly made.

“I know that he’s not!” I said impatiently, “He’s not here anymore! I just watched him go to Heaven. He floated through the ceiling!”

Once again, my mother explained to me that he has been in the hospital for a while now, hasn’t been able to communicate to anyone and he was in a very deep sleep.

Even though I was so young…

I understood that our conversation was at a stalemate. It wasn’t as if I could show her anything that would prove what I witnessed to her. At this point, I relented and followed my mother out of the bedroom.

We walked back into the living and dining room area where, after a few minutes, the phone rang. My great aunt answered the call and when she hung up, she told us that it was the hospital… my great-uncle had just passed away.

My Mom immediately just looked at me with wide eyes and a freaked out expression on her face, just as I did to her… which of course, I then replied with “See? I told you!”

You can imagine my confusion though, as a child I couldn’t understand why I would see my great-uncle in the apartment when he was in the hospital. Of course, I know now that it was because I’m a Medium and he had passed away, but I didn’t know that then.

To this day, forty years later, I remember the vision as if it happened yesterday.


How Did You Know That You Should Work With The Public

In January 2012, I had been doing volunteer readings for friends, family, and their referrals for six years. One day during my studies, my Guides brought forward an Idea that I at first thought may have been my ‘Ego’ talking. They told me that they thought that I should be working with the public officially now. Approved to take compensation for what I can do, which was strictly forbidden until this time.

At first, I didn’t believe it. What if I interpreted the information incorrectly? It took me several, and I do mean several, months to think about this. I asked for validating Guidance on the subject many times and each and every time I would get positive responses. The repeated affirmative validations seemed surreal.

The last experience of validation was extraordinary. I have witnesses to attest to this actually happening.


Validation journey to work with the Public Professionally

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It was August 2012, the weather had become quite nice, so my daughter and I chose to go camping. We had a wonderful time together, going to the beach during the day, campfire, smore’s, and playing games at night. Everything was normal. We went up by ourselves for a few days and then came home, only to do laundry, pick up Grandma and then go back to camp again.

The Debacle That Validated The Fact That I Should Do Readings Professionally

Since the moment we arrived at the campsite with Grandma in tow, little things started happening with every outdoor lamp and flashlight, and I do mean every one of them.

All of the flashlights were battery operated so I had a large stock of brand new batteries on hand. One by one each flashlight or lantern was having problems and eventually died. When this happened I would exchange the batteries.

Over the course of the evening ALL of the flashlights had died. Now, the flashlights that were given new batteries were dying again! Brand new batteries and they were dying! I was becoming really frustrated. These flashlights worked just fine when my daughter and I were here alone.

The last straw was when we were all snuggled up in bed, reading. Suddenly, a brand new dome light that Grandma was using, which had fresh batteries, started going extremely dim and then bright again like a slow strobe effect. Concurrently, the dome light started making weird noises! It was sizzling and we heard Pop, Pop, Pop! It sounded like the batteries were exploding! I rushed over to Grandma, grabbed that dome light and threw it on the floor of the tent, far away from any of us.

We were all looking at each other wide eyed and amazed at our pure bad luck with all of these lights…

“That’s it”, My Mom Said. She Had Clearly Had Enough:

“This is so weird!” She says. “Why are all the lights having such problems? I mean its normal to have one or two go out on you, but to have EVERY light with FRESH batteries conk out on you? It’s really strange!”

“I know!” I exclaimed, “I can’t believe this is happening!”

This is when it hits me…

Could This Really Be It?

I stood there in disbelief for a moment, that the sign had come to me so very clearly.

“Oh my gosh!” I said, “I did this! I know why this is happening!”

I explained. While I was studying and meditating one evening about two weeks ago, I was focusing on the fact that I still wasn’t positive that I was supposed to work with the public, earning a living by Reading professionally.

I was sure that I was correct about the symbols and images that I had received from my Guides in answer to my question, but I was worried that I may have interpreted the information wrong. So, I went right outside (where I liked to study) and asked my Guides to:

“Please give me an indisputable sign that I am sincerely meant to do this work full time and earn a living from it. I don’t know what kind of sign I should ask for… maybe do something with the lights?”

I had meant for the signs to happen somewhere in the house, thinking that maybe they would flash the lights inside the house as I walked in or something like that, but obviously I was not clear enough with my query!

Once I finished telling everyone this story of mine, I said out-loud to the universe:

“OK! I get it! I understand the signs! I’m meant to work as a Psychic Medium full time, earning a living from it! Thank You! I am so grateful!”

I remember laughing and feeling stupid that it took me so long to figure it out, but who would have thought that a sign from above would take weeks or months to arrive?

The After Math

After that, it was almost an immediate reaction, about a minute later, all of the lights were working properly again! We didn’t have any light problems at all for the next week. Everything was fine.

This was an incredible experience that neither of us will forget. It is a particular good one to include in my back story. Shortly after the incredible validation journey, I started working with the public professionally. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every client. I also have no plans to retire anytime soon – as I know that is important to some of you. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I genuinely appreciate it.  🙂


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