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The Journal Process

Forgiveness And Release

How To Let Go

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By Christine Marie, Psychic Medium

The Journal Process. Forgiveness and Release How to let go.


There are many situations where we can use the journal process. After a bad break up, loosing someone to the “Other Side”, after losing a job, or after a divorce to name a few. Forgiveness and release is essential to this process, so if you are still very angry, you may wish to wait until the anger subsides before following the recommendations in this blog.

It’s time for you to learn to let go of the past so that you can allow your future to come forward.

Where Do You Start?

Try writing a letter (not to be sent) to the person or situation. This is called the “Journal Process”.

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Think about which situation may bring you remorse or regret. Be totally honest with yourself. These journals should be written with pen and paper. Don’t censor yourself, don’t worry about spelling or punctuation, don’t edit. Just write! The average person writes anywhere between 15 Min to 30 Min per session, in the same place each day. Take your time, don’t pressure yourself into writing profoundly, simply write out your thoughts and feelings about the situation. Remember, this is just for you!

In The Letter You Must Describe:

  1. The Circumstances

Recognize that there are always two sides to every story. What parts have you played in them? Remember that you deserve as much forgiveness for yourself that you would afford your loved ones. Write honestly and vulnerably about the situation.

  1. Your feelings and thoughts regarding the regret.

Write about thoughts, feelings or actions of yourself or others that have impacted your life. How have they affected you? If the regret is about someone else, write it out with honesty. If the regret is about something that you did not do and wish you did, write about that. Describe how you wish that you would have reacted (in hindsight), what you’d like to say to that person or situation, or whatever you might do differently. 

You are ready to say goodbye to the other party. If this letter is about a relationship, you should include saying “goodbye” to someone.

  1. You are ready to forgive yourself or the other party.

Write about forgiveness and releasing for your own and/or the other party’s actions. You will let go of anything said which remains toxic or counterproductive. You will no longer allow the “negative tapes” to play in your mind, only the positive remains (This must be done properly to be able to release the energy from your aura in the future.). Forgiveness is not saying that anyone else’s actions are ok. Forgiveness is given and meant for you alone to move forward in your life. 

The Next Step Hide the Letter. The Journal Process. Forgiveness and Release How to let go.


Put The Letter Away

Once the letter is complete, put it away for 30 days while you mentally work on forgiveness and letting go (as stated in the letter). 

Each day tell yourself that you are ready to forgive and let go. 

After One Month

Once the month is finished, take out the letter and re-read it. If it invokes the same emotions, perhaps you’re not ready or perhaps you weren’t completely honest with yourself? Try to edit the letter, then put it away and try again! 

If you’re truly ready to forgive and release the emotional trauma: Take the letter outside and put it into a safe place to burn it. 

**Read the rest of the blog first!**

The Next Step Burning the Letter. The Journal Process. Forgiveness and Release How to let go.


Envision the following while actually burning the letter.

Visualize The Following 

Once you’re in a safe place try to visualize what letting go of someone’s energy looks like. Close your eyes. Imagine yourself covered in a beautiful galaxy of aural colours? What do you see? Find the negative/toxic energy! Does it look like a bit of black smoke amongst your colorful aura? Imagine that the wind carefully blows it completely away… Let it go! Don’t reach for it or energetically pull it back. Watch as it floats away and vanishes. 

  • The literal burning of  the letter signifies that the issue, situation or person (including yourself)  no longer serves you positively and has now been forgiven and permanently released!


After The Burning Ceremony

Whenever anything regarding the situation or person pops into your mind, you will instantly remember the ‘forgive and release’ ceremony that you performed which will enable a hasty emotional and intellectual release.

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