How To Choose, Buy and Use Your Crystals

Crystals or gemstones can heal and aid us in a variety of ways. It is important to know how to choose the crystals that are a good fit for you. In this post you learn how to correctly choose, buy and use your crystals and gemstones. It’s true that you should buy what you’re drawn to but let’s think about this in terms of home utensils or tools…

Would you buy three hammers just to hang a picture? Do you need two capable pairs of scissors to wrap one gift? Most likely not, as you only need one. The same thinking can be applied to crystals. Only one is needed per ‘symptom’ and one crystal can heal multiple symptoms!

Keep in mind that you don’t need a huge piece for the crystal to do it’s job. Palm sized stones work wonderfully. Now let’s get on to learning how to choose and buy them…

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What’s Happening For You In This Weekly TAC Reading Nov. 21-27, 2021

Theme Of The Week:
In order to flourish, relationships must be fluid and free rather than overly rigid and controlled by emotional neediness or insecurity. It’s important to master your emotions so that they do not rule the relationship.

A partnership based solely on emotion is out of balance. Act from a combination of emotion and intellect, and your relationship will thrive and grow.

Now is the time for patience, steadiness, and clear thinking.

Approach To The Week:
Like a beautiful summer day, this card brings joyful energy. Take a break or step back just for now from any concerns you may have around matters of the heart, and spend some time in happy pursuits. Find reasons to celebrate with others.

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How To Cleanse, Charge and Work With Crystals

Many people are learning to use gemstones for Psychic awareness and abilities. However, they’re not only for wonderfully opening our psychic abilities… they can affect everything within our lives.

Using Crystals and gemstones is healing and very powerful. Furthermore, when gemstones are set with intention the possibilities are endless.

Cleanse, charge, bond and program with intent; believe the energy you put into it and watch your world change.

Psychic And Spiritual Development Mentoring Via Zoom

To all wishing to be a part of a Psychic and Spiritual Development Community, I’ve missed you all so much! We’re finally back! It’s through Zoom this time, but we will get back to in-person meetings again soon. We’re going to gather every 2 weeks this fall, starting October 27, 2021. To learn more or… Continue reading Psychic And Spiritual Development Mentoring Via Zoom

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