This is the disclaimer, terms and conditions of Psychic Medium Christine Marie. Throughout this document, Psychic Medium Christine Marie, employees or associates, will also be known as P.M.C.M.

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Psychic Medium Christine Marie – Langley, BC, Canada.

Disclaimer, Terms of Service and Conditions

These are the terms, conditions and disclaimer of Psychic Medium Christine Marie. Throughout this document, Psychic Medium Christine Marie, employees or associates, will also be known as P.M.C.M.

Who Can Use This Website, Book Services, Attend Appointments

All clients must be the age of majority in BC, Canada, where my business is registered. You must be 19 years of age or older to book an appointment and receive a reading through all avenues of service offerings. Psychic Medium Christine Marie does not provide services to minors, without the presence of a parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must book, and be present for, their child’s appointment. This is done for legal reasons. By using the Psychic Medium Christine Marie websites and booking sites, you agree that you are at least 19 years of age.


All pricing is in Canadian funds. International clients are liable for conversion of currency and any/all related fees associated with the conversion and payment from an international location. P.M.C.M. reserves the right to change prices without notice. If there is content or a pricing discrepancy between the official website “Https://EmpathicPsychicMedium.com” and the booking website “Https://MyPsychicMedium.as.me/“ the booking website will be deemed correct, true and valid. For people making payment via e-transfer the client is fully liable for any/all fees that their bank charges related to e-transfers. It is your responsibility to make sure that P.M.C.M. knows that you have paid using Email Money Transfer.


As per our privacy section all client information, including, but not limited to information at time of booking as well as information disclosed during the reading is considered private and confidential and will not be shared, distributed or disclosed without clients written consent.

Alcohol or Substance Use

Use of alcohol and/or drugs prior to your reading (this is inclusive of parties) is prohibited. Psychic Medium Christine Marie reserves the right to refuse service and cancel a session in progress if she feels that clients are under the influence of alcohol or a substance. Use of alcohol and/or drugs prior to your reading makes your reading difficult or impossible.

Late Arrivals and No-Shows

Clients who fail to show up for an appointment and/or provide less than twenty-four (24) hours notice may be refused future service, and possibly banned from use of the Psychic Medium Christine Marie Online Booking Site. Cancellations and rescheduling can be done up to twenty-four (24) hours in advance. No shows cannot be rescheduled, no refund. Late arrivals can arrive up to and including ten minutes. Late arrivals after ten minutes: the appointment will be deemed “abandoned” and immediately cancelled. Your payment will be kept.


There is a candle lit on premises, so if you have allergies please be advised and take action as required by your allergy conditions as it relates to a soy based, sage, eucalyptus essential oils candle. Psychic Medium Christine Marie is not held responsible for reactions related allergies, so we do ask that you take this into consideration prior to commencing your appointment.


Readings via a group reading should not be considered a substitute for a private reading. Private readings are more in-depth than shorter group sessions.

Further Terms of Service, Conditions, Disclaimer

Psychic Medium Christine Marie does not guarantee that she can connect with specific person(s) who’ve crossed over. P.M.C.M. will do everything within her power to connect as the client wishes, but due to circumstances beyond our control that cannot be guaranteed. Future based information as well cannot be guaranteed.

Post reading, P.M.C.M. does not have control over if or how you handle or alter your future path after receiving new information disclosed by P.M.C.M.. You as the client are entirely liable for how you apply information received by Psychic Medium Christine Marie.

By booking an appointment with Psychic Medium Christine Marie you release her and her associates of any and all liability related to the content shared within the reading.

Psychic Medium Christine Marie is merely a communication channel (or phone line) and does not filter, alter or withhold information which comes forward. At times this information can be highly confidential and sensitive to a client. By proceeding with your appointment with P.M.C.M. you agree to release us from all liabilities, legal claims and expenses that may result both directly or indirectly from services performed by Psychic Medium Christine Marie.

If you purchase Psychic Medium Christine Marie’s services on behalf of another you accept full liability to ensure adherence of Psychic Medium Christine Marie’s terms, conditions and disclaimer.

Psychic Medium Christine Marie is not educated or in a position to provide legal or medical advice and therefore should not be considered as a replacement, advisory or consultant for someone in this profession. If, as a result of your reading, you feel the need for such services, we recommend you contact a qualified person in these professions.

Psychic Medium Christine Marie (P.M.C.M.) reserves the right to determine if services have been appropriately rendered. Services rendered can be defined, but are not limited to time spent between Psychic Medium Christine Marie and the client and/or information brought forward.

Christine’s Illness

Psychic Medium Christine Marie fully discloses that she is ill with Crohn’s Disease. Occasionally, this means that Christine may suddenly have an exacerbation of symptoms and become too sick to work. This can happen with very little to zero advance notice. Psychic Medium Christine Marie takes rescheduling very seriously and P.M.C.M. will only reschedule you if it’s absolutely necessary. In such circumstances where P.M.C.M. does need to reschedule, she will first call, then email or text you to reschedule your appointment as soon as her schedule allows. Rescheduling only. No refunds. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

For a number of reasons, including legal and post reading actions by a client, this site and services offered should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

All content, images, and logos of P.M.C.M.’s website(s) are copyrighted and/or trademarked.

Psychic Medium Christine Marie reserves the right to change these terms, conditions or disclaimer at any time without notice.CL12/1/22 Psychic Medium Christine Marie (P.M.C.M.) ℠™© 2006-2023

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