Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings are an all-in-one type of appointment, in which the main component is communication with Loved Ones on the “Other Side”. It also includes Psychic information or Tarot Cards.

First and foremost this Reading type includes Mediumship. Mediumship is done via connecting and communicating with your Loved Ones on the “Other Side”. This is done primarily to get their advice on a given situation, or, to interactively communicate with them to make sure that they’re at peace in an effort to gain you healing and closure.

Performing Mediumship normally takes up approximately 50-75% of the booked time (minimum booking of 45 minutes) depending on how many people that you’d like me to connect with.

A Mediumship Reading includes Psychic Information (explained here). The Psychic information may come from our Spirit Guides (normal psychic translation)  or from your Loved Ones. 

All appointments can include Tarot Cards (explained here).

NOTE:  Mediumship Readings are offered from one to three people to sit in on the session.

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