Mediumship Readings

Learn More About Mediumship Readings with Psychic Medium Christine Mare
Learn More About Mediumship Readings with Psychic Medium Christine Mare

What Is A Mediumship Reading?

A mediumship reading is a spiritual session conducted by a medium, a person with the ability to communicate with spirits of individuals who have passed away. During a mediumship reading, the medium acts as a channel between the physical world and the spirit realm, connecting with the energy and consciousness of departed loved ones.

The medium, otherwise known as a Clairvoyant, receives messages, images, feelings, or even specific details from these spirits, which they then relay to the client.  

Clairvoyant readings can provide comfort, closure, and validation by allowing individuals to connect with and receive messages from their deceased family members, friends, or acquaintances.   It’s important to approach a mediumship reading with an open heart and a willingness to receive messages from the spirit world.

Mediumship Session Information

Psychic Medium Christine Marie’s Mediumship Readings are meant to act like an all-in-one type of appointment. The session’s main component is the act commonly known as Mediumship. However, it also includes Psychic Reading or Tarot Card Reading.

First and foremost this reading type is for communicating with your late Loved Ones. Mediumship is performed primarily so that you can interactively communicate with spirit. People like to have the experience to be sure that their loved ones are at peace. Although, you can additionally ask to get your passed loved one’s life advice.

Ultimately, Mediumship with Christine is performed with loving effort. What’s more, is that she hopes that the appointment will stimulate your healing. To that end, she hopes to help you to acquire closure.

Performing Mediumship consumes approximately 50%-75% of the time that you book. At the present time, a minimum booking of 45 minutes is required for this reading type. For that reason, there is a limit of communicating with three of your late loved ones per 45 minute session.

The remaining 25%-50% of your Mediumship session will therefore be filled with Psychic Information (explained here).  

As an added feature, all reading services can include Tarot Card reading. Please go this external website on Wikipedia, to learn more about the art of Tarot.

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