Christine Marie accepts Visa, Mastercard, Square, PayPal, and Interac Email Money Transfers from your bank account.


Psychic Medium Christine Marie accepts payments in the most popular methods that are the same any physical or online store you shop at.

Tip: PayPal accepts most credit cards and is linked to your bank account 

Payment Methods

I accept:

  • INTERAC Email Money Transfers, 
  • PayPal
  • Square
  • Credit Cards

A deposit of $50 is required upon booking your appointment with me. The deposit is payable through your choice of INTERAC EMT, Square, Credit Card, or PayPal. Please read below for details. I no longer accept cash or cheques.

INTERAC Email Money Transfer:

You can pay using Interac Email Money Transfer. I require you to inform me in writing. I will need the full name of person who sent the EMT. Full name the appointment is for, and the phone number associated with the appointment.

EMT May be sent to:

Paying Through PayPal, Credit Card or Square:

I accept PayPal which can be a Transfer from your PayPal balance, withdraw from your Bank Account, OR, a Credit Card payment. I use Square for all other payments.

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Why Do I Require A Deposit?

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, I need to ensure that my schedule and my time is being used by those who genuinely want it. No-shows have been an issue and I have a cancellation list with people who sincerely want the booking.

  • You will need to pay a deposit upon booking your appointment if you book online, OR, if you booked via phone call, text, or email, pay the deposit within 24 hours, AND
  • Pay the balance prior to 24 hours of your appointment time.
  • If I do not receive the balance, prior to 24 hours before your appointment time, it will be considered an abandoned appointment, your deposit will be kept, AND, I will then offer the appointment to someone else.

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Paying the Balance

How To Pay The Balance Owing 

Use the confirmation email, or, any of the reminder emails to find the button link (scroll all the way down, near the bottom of the email), that says:

“Pay Appointment Fee” – Once clicked, follow the prompts to pay in whatever method your choose (PayPal, Square, or Credit Cards)

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