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Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is a spiritual consultation where a gifted individual, known as a psychic, uses their intuitive abilities to tap into and interpret information beyond the ordinary senses.  

During a psychic reading, the psychic will connect with your energy, emotions, and spiritual vibrations to provide insights, guidance, and predictions about various aspects of your life, such as relationships, career, health, and personal growth.

Psychic readings can offer clarity, perspective, and a deeper understanding of your current circumstances and potential future paths. It’s important to approach a psychic reading with an open mind and remember that the information provided is based on Psychic Medium Christine Marie’s interpretation of the energies and vibrations that she senses.

Examples of Psychic Reading Information:

  • Relationships, between you and every other person connected to you in your life, regardless of the manner in which you are connected.
  • Career, presently and futuristically, including career changes, job changes, projects, goals and more.
  • Finances, presently and futuristically, including advice on how to attain or improve on your goals
  • Education, prior to or concurrently in your career
  • Personal growth and development

Overall, Psychic Readings are about gaining healing resolutions, advice or information to currently better yourself and prepare you for your future. Christine performs them with an effort to help you attain your life goals. This includes soul level advice that will help your personal development, which allows you to set yourself up for a more fulfilling life.

Important To Know

These appointments are for one person at a time, because being alone allows a person to be completely open, honest and vulnerable with Christine.

To explain further, let’s say that you want to learn about your marriage; In psychic readings, Christine will experience all of the intimate details about your marriage. The information that she will receive can even include intimate details about your marital sex life.

Ultimately, what this means, is that it can possibly entail details about any other thing that you may write about in your journal.

If you are looking to communicate with your Loved Ones on the “Other Side” please go to the following page for more information about Mediumship Readings.

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