What’s Happening For You In This Weekly TAC Reading Nov. 21-27, 2021

Theme Of The Week:
In order to flourish, relationships must be fluid and free rather than overly rigid and controlled by emotional neediness or insecurity. It’s important to master your emotions so that they do not rule the relationship.

A partnership based solely on emotion is out of balance. Act from a combination of emotion and intellect, and your relationship will thrive and grow.

Now is the time for patience, steadiness, and clear thinking.

Approach To The Week:
Like a beautiful summer day, this card brings joyful energy. Take a break or step back just for now from any concerns you may have around matters of the heart, and spend some time in happy pursuits. Find reasons to celebrate with others.

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Your Tarot Reading For The Week of November 15-21, 2021

This week in our Theme, Approach, Challenge Reading: For every action in life there is a reaction, and while we may sow many of the seeds that create our own destinies, the wheel of fortune throws an element of serendipity into the mix. As the wheel turns it is a reminder that change is inevitable. While we may exert some control over our fate, it’s not wise to rule out the goddess Fortuna and her wheel of fate. How should we approach this? Apparently, like the King of Pentacles… read more

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