Weekly TAC Tarot Reading January 23-29, 2022

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We definitely need to draw on our inner strength this week. We feel like we’re enduring a period of poverty (physical, mental or emotional) before turning to the next cycle in our lives. However, we need to refrain from backing down or giving up.

Yes, we are feeling let down, and perhaps even feeling sorry for ourselves… but we can also choose to Channel our inner desires into positive outlets.

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Weekly TAC Reading December 19-25, 2021

In case you’ve never seen one of my Weekly Theme, Approach, Challenge Tarot or Oracle Readings before, I’ll explain how it works.
The Theme of The Week is overall subject or concerns that will be happening during the week.
The Approach To The Week is about what attitude and or feelings to try and use regarding the issues. Of which, can also include some actions.
The Challenges of The Week card seems obvious, however, these are rarely very easily accomplished.

Then there’s Christine’s Guidance about How The Cards Come Together, which includes some advice about what you can do to help yourself through the week

I do these Readings with the utmost care. 
It’s important to me that you know that:

• I have never engineered the picking of these cards.

• They have always been chosen with me asking: “Please show me which card to choose for our Weekly _____. Please help me to chose one for whatever the followers/readers of the post need to know or need help with”. 

• The cards are chosen with pure intent for each particular ‘position’ (Weekly Theme, Weekly Approach and Weekly Challenge). 

• The fact that the cards coincide on a regular basis is completely genuine.

• I read the cards separately and together. Christine’s Guidance is written psychically (by the receiving and translation of information from my Guides).

How To Choose, Buy and Use Your Crystals

Crystals or gemstones can heal and aid us in a variety of ways. It is important to know how to choose the crystals that are a good fit for you. In this post you learn how to correctly choose, buy and use your crystals and gemstones. It’s true that you should buy what you’re drawn to but let’s think about this in terms of home utensils or tools…

Would you buy three hammers just to hang a picture? Do you need two capable pairs of scissors to wrap one gift? Most likely not, as you only need one. The same thinking can be applied to crystals. Only one is needed per ‘symptom’ and one crystal can heal multiple symptoms!

Keep in mind that you don’t need a huge piece for the crystal to do it’s job. Palm sized stones work wonderfully. Now let’s get on to learning how to choose and buy them…

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