Weekly Tarot Reading June 26, 2022

Tarot Reading June 26-2022 (Blog Image)

In this weekly tarot reading June 26, 2022 reading, I have used an Oracle Deck rather than the Tarot. When I went to reach for a Tarot deck this week, my Guides advised that, after all of the difficult weeks that we’ve had, we all would need some spiritual nourishment. They then told me to choose this particular deck, Oracle Of Visions by Ciro Marchetti.

I genuinely hope that this week’s reading gives you the hope and encouragement that you’re seeking.

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Weekly Tarot Reading June 19, 2022

Tarot Reading June 5-2022 Blog Image. • XX (20) Judgement (Reversed) • Knight Of Swords (Reversed) • X (10) Ten Of Cups (Upright) • Tarot Grand Luxe by Ciro and Sasha Marchetti

In this weekly Tarot Reading June 19-2022, when The Chariot appears, there is a need to control competing forces, whether these are inner conflicts, people, or a situation in your life. Perhaps the solution to the problem at hand is to take the middle road between the conflicting elements.

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Weekly TAC Tarot Reading May 22, 2022

Weekly Tarot Reading May 22-2022 Blog Video Cover. Justice as the Theme Card position, the King Of Swords in the Approach position and the Six Of Coins in the Challenge position.

In our weekly tarot reading for May 22, 2022, we have the Justice card as our Theme For The Week. In reverse, Justice indicates delays in legal matters or unfairness in a situation. If you are the person in power, you may be unduly severe in dispensing punishment. However, I feel that you are more likely in the powerless position, and you may be festering with resentment over being treated unfairly. I recommend that you read the full blog.

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Weekly TAC Tarot Reading May 15, 2022

Weekly TAC Tarot Reading May 15, 2022. The Star as the Theme Card position, the Queen of Pentacles or coins in the Approach position and the Two of Swords in the Challenge position.

At this time you are experiencing optimism and self-confidence. You feel good about yourself and your place in the universe. In previous weeks you have been yearning for this positive place. However, there may be a few bumps along the road this week. Read the full blog…

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Weekly TAC Tarot Reading May 8, 2022

TAC Reading May 8-2022 Computer Video Image

In this weekly Tarot Reading, whether referring to your career or personal life, the relationship you hoped for may have been based on deceit or superficiality on the other person’s side. You may be obsessing about something, such as a job, or someone who really doesn’t care that much about you, and who will never make a commitment, even if he has led you to believe he is sincere. Read the full blog…

Your Weekly Tarot Reading For Feb. 27 – Mar. 5, 2022

Weekly Theme Approach Challenge reading Feb-27-2022 Blog-Banner

The current life cycle you’re in has been successfully completed. A specific chapter has ended (in a relationship or your career). Soon you will begin your next cycle of accomplishment. Congratulations on your crowning success!

Weekly TAC Reading For Jan. 16-22, 2022

Weekly Theme Approach Challenge Reading Jan 16-22-2022. Image made by Christine Marie using Canva - Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

The universe knows that you have suffered lately but suggests you use your intuition when deciding whether something adheres to or measures up to your original plan. If you feel like your personal life, career or finances don’t make the grade, don’t be afraid to change it. People may call you picky, but you’ll be remaining true to your ideals.

Weekly Theme – Approach – Challenge Reading November 1-7, 2021

Theme For The Week Manifest Key words: Act, create, focus, magic, clarity, intent This is a time of great power for you. The Manifest card is here to tell you that anything is possible. You have all the tools at your disposal to create whatever you desire. You have a variety of tools that can… Continue reading Weekly Theme – Approach – Challenge Reading November 1-7, 2021

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